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    A platform for truth.

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    Authenticity ensured through the blockchain

  • Authenticity

    Transparency and accountability ensured.

    Verified Authenticity on the Blockchain

    All media is licensed and transacted in Ethereum

    We verify all media authorship by only accepting direct uploads to our application and recording to the immutable blockchain - ownership tied to a key.

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    Citizen journalist or researcher?

    Upload witness accounts

    Whether seeking the scoop, or a coincidental bystander, earn Ether for each capture used to support a case or story.

    Request witness accounts

    Specify media needs and we do all the hard work. Requests are pushed out to various media channels in a rally and we gather the results.

  • Ground Truth.

    Capture moments via our mobile app

  • Be the Reporter

    We help you be the eyes and ears on the ground civil truth.

    Open your eyes

    There’s a world out there to document. Via our app, we will push mission, or just provide a space to upload your media.

    Fulfill mission

    Follow the topic, place and time, and document that world. Upload your captures directly to our platform from your app.

    Be the source

    Researchers worldwide will browse for your content and purchase it. You can choose to remain anonymous or be cited.

    Manage media

    Manage your reports at any given time. Track who acquired them, when and for how much.


  • Be the Researcher

    We provide you an affordable and searchable source of verified media.


    Post a public Content Request, with a topic, place and time, or browse for content in our live library.

    Check response

    See how our reporters have responded worldwide, and select the perfect media match for your needs.

    Make it yours

    All our images are available at competitive fixed prices. Once you purchase the right, you are ready and safe to publish!

    Clearly Manage

    Be an example of transparent reporting. You can easily manage your purchase history, track all sources, and rights of use.

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